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Adult-Care Org is the only comprehensive, independent database that helps consumers make better informed decisions about adult long-term care. There is no other resource providing detailed, unbiased information about Nationwide nearly 250,000 large and small adult care facilities.

Adult-Care Org uses internet technology to ease this critical, family decision-making process. It does so with an easy-to-use search function that quickly provides useful adult long-term care facility information for consumers, including:


Adult-Care Org lists complaint history, consumer ratings, and even lets consumers compare facility services side-by-side.

The need

The numbers paint a daunting picture. In 2006, more than 9 million adults, ages 65 and older, required long-term care. That number will increase by 50% in 2013.

Adult-Care.Org discovered first hand the need for an independent listing of adult care facilities. When searching for care for family member, you will be forced to navigate a complex, tedious and time-consuming process. It is a difficult time, emotionally, and the task of finding reliable care simply added to the frustration.

It.s a common story: When faced with the sudden need for adult long-term care, many consumers are forced to shop for a facility with a phone book, or are herded into a decision by a placement agency that might have a specific business relationship with a particular facility whether or not its the best choice for the family.

How consumers benefit

First, Adult-Care.Org is independent. It is not affiliated with any federal, state or city agency, nor is it owned by a health care provider. It favors no facility or type of care. Anyone can use Adult-Care.Org for free. Adult-Care.Org takes consumers through a simple step-by-step process to help narrow their search. It provides answers to frequently asked questions, and defines different types of care facilities:


Adult Day Services
Adult Foster Homes
Residential Care Facilities
Assisted Living Facilities
Nursing Facilities

Retirement/Independant Living
In-Home Care
Alzheimer/Memory Care

The search engine streamlines a familys search, using a variety of criteria. Consumers list distance, the level of care needed. whether Medicaid, injections, wheelchair access are needed, and if smoking and alcohol are allowed. Other details include facility rules, new vacancies, insurance options and a facility ranking system. 

Its worth noting that the site lists consumer complaints against facilities and the responses to those complaints. Prior to the creation of Adult-Care.Org, this information was available only on request from the state through not only Oregons Department of Human Services but in all (50) States nationwide. We have requested all comments, positive and negative, and provided facilities with an opportunity to response to these complaints.


Ali Zamani, President and CEO, Founder                   


Mark Lewis, Chief Financial Officer


Emanuel Hilario

Russ Cobbe, Information Technology Director

Senator William Morrisette, Oregon Senator

Jackie Winters, Oregon Senator

William Campbell, Ater Wynne LLP

Lynn R. Lehrback, Oregon Chapter President of International Brotherhood of Teamsters

Verna Porter, President of Oregon Alliance for Retired Americans

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