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Now, Adult-Care.Org through its Products & Services directory listings offers additional resources to market your company to other companies, senior care facilities and other related  industries.

Adult-Care.Org (ACO), would like to thank you for your support and your registration in our business directory listing in

As one of our valued business partners supporting elders and seniors with disabilities in long-term care your participation in our directory listing is an investment in the future of long term care, which ACO works to advance in raising the level of care for our loved ones. More than nine million adults ages 65+ required long term care in 2007 and that number will increase by 50% from now to 2013. Today’s baby-boomer consumers will be responsible for making these decisions not only for their loved ones but also their family members, themselves, and are taking control of the kind of information they want, where and how they get it.

You will be benefitting from over 1,000,000 visitors to the ACO program which has been ranked by all three search engines: Google, Yahoo and MSN as one of the top 5 companies/search engines on the internet in December 2007.  You could have been marketing your product to other businesses (B2B) as well as to consumers (B2C). All companies in our directory listing are considered CERTIFIED and  ELDER FRIENDLY which will provide additional assurance and ease in consumer decision making. ACO is a consumer free access to all licensed adult long-term care providers in the States. ACO allows consumers to full information on each and every licensed facilities including their complaint history as well as saving the consumers time in their search and making a decision in locating the right place for the seniors and loved ones. Now, your company as one of our business partners is able to benefit from this program to market your products to other business partners as well as the consumers and providers of long term care within each and every state (just in Oregon you have direct access to over 800,000 consumers, over 11,000 physicians and over 20,000 other businesses to market your product through Adult-Care.Org).

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